Achieving equity and excellence in education for Māori students
The success of Māori students at school is a matter of national interest and a number of recent initiatives have been implemented in New Zealand schools to address the educational disparities between Māori and non-Māori. Many of these initiatives have been premised on an influential Māori education strategy called Ka Hikitia (2009, 2013). The overall goal of the Ka Hikitia strategy is to enable Māori to enjoy and achieve educational success as Māori and the Ministry of Education has described this as being when “Māori students have their identity, language and culture valued and included in teaching and learning in ways that support them to engage and achieve success” and when they “know their potential and feel supported to set goals and take action to enjoy success” (MOE, 2013, p.13). The research further suggests that enabling Māori to succeed as Māori involves: * Implementing teaching and learning approaches in schools that are engaging, effective, and enjoyable for all Māori students * Having appropriately high expectations for all Māori students * Tracking and monitoring what works to support excellent Māori educational outcomes * Developing productive partnerships with whānau, iwi, and community that are responsive and reciprocal – leading to collective action, outcomes, and solutions This presentation will outline the objectives and key findings of three recent research initiatives/projects: 1) Ka Awatea: An iwi case study of Māori student success 2) Māori Achievement Collaboratives (MACs) 3) The Starpath Project University of Auckland's International Speaker Series: 8th November in the Whangarei Central Library, 6pm - 7pm
Assoc Prof Melinda Webber, Director of The Starpath Project, University of Auckland
11/8/2017 5:00:00 AM

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